Balsamic vinegar in spray Terra Creta – 250ml

Balsamic vinegar in spray Terra Creta – 250ml

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Balsamic vinegar in spray

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 Balsamic Vinegar of Crete

High quality balsamic vinegar from Terra Creta .Produced by grapes of the local traditional variety Romeiko.
Aged for 6 years in oak barrels. Great sweet and sour flavour.100% natural product, with no added colourings and sweeteners. Crimped pump that secures the product from adulteration The new products were created following market’s demand for higher quality and easier to use packaging with modern design.  Products come in a glass bottle with a gripped spray pump that offers the ultimate control in the kitchen and it will be every consumer’s favourite accessory.

Transparent glass bottle exclusively produced for Terra Creta SA.

USE: Ideal for BBQ, salads, sauces and dips.

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