Graviera Crete P.D.O

Graviera Crete P.D.O

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Graviera-cheese from Crete

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Graviera is the most popular cheese in Greece after Feta cheese. It is a light yellow cheese with a slightly sweet taste and taste of walnut. Usually it is in the form of a hard crust wheel. There are different types of gravity. The gravure in Crete is made of matured sheep’s milk for at least five months. It is slightly sweet, with a pleasant aroma of burnt caramel, while Graviera Naxos is mostly cow’s milk (80-100%). The salt content does not exceed 2%

The graviera is a very versatile cheese, it can be sliced and consumed as a snack, roasted as “saganaki”, grilled and served over pasta or baked in a casserole

Sheep  and goat  pasteurized milk cheese.

Contains lactose. Fat in dry-40%, humidity-38%.

Keep it at + 4C.

Pieces of approx. 250 gr.

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