Melomakarona (Greek cookies with honey and walnuts)

Melomakarona (Greek cookies with honey and walnuts)

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Melomakarona-greek cookis with honey and walnuts

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The melomakarono  is an egg-shaped Greek dessert made mainly from flourolive oil, and honey.Along with the kourabies it is a traditional dessert prepared primarily during the Christmas holiday season.

Typical ingredients of the melomakarono are flour or semolinasugar, orange zest and/or fresh juicecognac (or similar beverage), cinnamon and olive oil. During rolling they are often filled with ground walnuts. Immediately after baking, they are immersed for a few seconds in cold syrup made of honey and sugar dissolved in water. Finally, they are decorated with ground, as well as bigger pieces of walnut.

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