Mini spinach & cheese pie -1kg

Mini spinach & cheese pie -1kg

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Mini spinach cheese pie-tray

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Spanakopita  or spinach pie is a Greek savory pastry.

The traditional filling comprises chopped spinachfeta cheeseonions or scallionsegg, and seasoning. The filling is wrapped or layered in phyllo (filo) pastry with butter or olive oil, either in a large pan from which individual servings are cut, or rolled into individual triangular servings. While the filo-dough recipe is most common, many recipes from the Greek islands call for a crust made of flour and water to form a crunchier, calzone-like exterior in place of the flaky filo dough. The pastry is golden in color when baked, the color often enhanced by butter and egg yolk. Other white, fresh, preferably salted cheeses may also be mixed with, or substituted for, the feta cheese.

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