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4.58RON Ex Tax: 4.58RON

Condensed Milk NOYNOY light 170 ml

< strong> condensed milk NOYNOY light < / strong > is made ​​of 100 % cow's milk without..

4.58RON Ex Tax: 4.58RON

Milk evapore NOYNOY

The Nounou produced from 100 % cow's milk , made with simple traditional way, without adding preserv..

8.50RON Ex Tax: 8.50RON

Nounou,evaporated milk 400 ml

It comes packed in a white metalic box Weight: 400 ml. Noynoy condensed milk is rich in prote..

0.70RON Ex Tax: 0.70RON

Noynoy Milk

It comes packaged in a metal boxex. Noynoy condensed milk is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, ..
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